Are you ready to be the real you?
Will 2018 be the year that you finally fully embrace yourself? 
Join The SHETREAT 28 Day Cleanse
The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to clean out and release whatever you no longer need—from your body, mind, diet, and space…and it’s all going to be totally doable because you’ll be getting support every step of the way.

Join The SHETREAT 28 Day Cleanse if:
  • You feel depleted and you’re looking for ways to fill your cup.
  • You’ve been sitting out your life and you’re prepared to dive in.
  • You’ve fallen out of love with your life and you want to reignite your passion.
  • You have been accepting too many things at home or work that make you unhappy and you want to transform big or small aspects about your life.
  • You’re tired of being angry and frustrated about the state of the world and you want to learn simple ways to create change.
  • You want to explore new ways of living, working, and healing yourself, others and the planet.
Included in the SHETREAT 28 Day Cleanse:
  •  28 days of daily messages that will help you take concrete steps toward transforming into a more authentic version of yourself.
  •  Access to a private Facebook community for the duration of the Cleanse.
  •  Weekly Facebook Live so you can ask me anything.
  •  Audio and video content of meditations, demonstrations, and more.
  •  Goal setting worksheets.
Added bonus:  Sign up by December 23 and get a signed copy of my book, The Dirt Cure!

I can’t wait to do this together! I’ll see you there.

Dr. Maya
COST: $197
Single Purchase 
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